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ESG Strategy

TriSpan ESG Principles

TriSpan appreciate that ESG risks are increasingly influencing valuations and performance. Their mitigation is a concern for all our stakeholders. Accordingly it has integrated sustainability risks into its investment decision process in line with the approach to take into account the environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) implications of investments. ESG factors can have an impact on the performance of investments, and TriSpan aims to manage ESG risks and build on any ESG opportunities with the goal of assuming its role as a good corporate citizen and maximizing the value of investments.

TriSpan will consider the following principal adverse impacts, whether material or likely to be material, of investment decisions on sustainability factors:
Environment: Climate change and greenhouse emissions, energy and resources efficiency, air and water pollution and water scarcity
Social: Conflict, Diversity, Harassment and Discrimination, Health and Safety, Human Rights, Political Risk, Labour Rights
Governance: Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Stakeholder Management, Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Tax Transparency, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management


TriSpan ESG Action Plan

TriSpan hired an Operating Partner, Fady Rahme, and Apex ESG to assist in TriSpan ESG implementation

TriSpan formed an ESG sub-committee with Partners, Pericles Mazarakis and David Allan, that meet bi-annually and reports to the Executive Committee

In February 2021, TriSpan became a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)


In line with the overall culture at TriSpan, which is long-term sustainable business management, ESG risks are integrated as part of the investment analysis, decision-making, and overall risk management process. This approach discourages any excessive risk taking or risk of ‘greenwashing’ due to any unrealistic target driven remuneration models within TriSpan.
The remuneration model of TriSpan is linked to the overall performance of TriSpan and the achievement of the business objectives of TriSpan, one of which is ESG aligned investment. As TriSpan integrates sustainability risks into the investment decision making process, this becomes part of the operating model and culture across the company to encourage staff to conduct themselves and be rewarded for alignment with the sustainability and ESG aligned business objectives of TriSpan.