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ESG Strategy

TriSpan ESG Principles

At TriSpan, we are focused on generating strong returns for our investors while incorporating ESG initiatives that positively impact our communities and the environment.

We are committed to implement ESG within our portfolio companies and throughout the TriSpan investment process. We believe that a proactive ESG approach can enhance the performance of our private equity funds and portfolio companies, while improving society at large and the sustainability of the businesses we are engaged in.

We are committed to starting a journey that will integrate the ESG principles into the daily management of the portfolio and we have established strong governance internally that provides appropriate oversight.

We are committed to reporting periodically on ESG to our investors, not only for the sake of transparency but also as an indication of our commitment to these ESG principles.

In line with these goals, TriSpan has established a gradual approach that started in January 2020 by the hiring of an Operating Partner in charge of ESG and by the adoption of the 6 Principles of Responsible Investments supported by the United Nations (UN PRI) as a behavioral framework and a corpus of guidelines.

Our Action Plan